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Yoga Stretch with Linda

"Stretch It Out Class"

Stretch Class: S-T-R-E-T-C-H out Tension, Stress & Stiffness with Linda

Monday: 7:30-8:35pm

Beginner-friendly and designed to accommodate all experience levels. 

Keeping flexible, mobile, supple and lengthened, are drug-free secrets to a pain-free, anti-aging and high-energy way of living. Stretching helps to complement a grueling workout program, tight muscles, stiff joints or a sedentary, screen oriented lifestyle. 

This class incorporates stretching, mindful breathing, safe posture alignment, meditation, and of course -YOGA POSES of the day. "Cool yoga props used!"

This class includes a Rahini breath-meditation.

Class Times: 65 Minutes

Health Benefits of Stretching

Increases flexibility

Lubricates joints, increases joint mobility and range of motion

Helps to prevent injury

Improves your performance in sport or recreational activities

Helps with back pain

Aids in digestion

Increase the flow of oxygen and blood flow to the heart & muscles

Brings awareness to the physical body

Improves your posture

Helps decrease tension headaches

Puts a spring in your step

Enhances self-image

Calms & clears your mind

Great for stress & tension relief