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"Yoga Pilates Class"

Yoga Pilates Fusion with Meryl

Wednesday: 9:30-10:40am

Saturday: 9:00-10:10am

This class is suitable for everyone, as modifications and props are skillfully used. 

A blend of Pilates-on-the-mat with traditional and contemporary yoga poses and breathwork.

Emphasis is placed on correct posture alignment, core strength and tone, yoga pose alignment, practice, and breathwork. 

Accommodates all experience levels, including beginners.

Includes a Rahini breath-meditation.

Class Times: 70 Minutes

Health Benefits of Yoga Pilates Fusion

 Increased flexibility

Injury prevention & correction of muscular imbalances

Increased muscle strength and tone, particularly

of your "core" muscles, lower back, hips & buttocks

Improved balance & physical coordination

Enhanced body awareness

Improved spine alignment

Improved posture

Enhanced ability to perform everyday activities

Boost in your energy

Relaxation of your shoulders, neck & upper back

Increased lung capacity & circulation through deep breathing

Improved concentration & mental clarity

Stress management and relaxation

Mental relaxation through breathing techniques & meditation

A deepened understanding of the relationship between relaxation & movement

Kind Karma