Testimonials for Kind Karma Animal & Pet Reiki Training

Heading As a 1100hr Rahini yoga student of Dr. Dean Telano, I am blessed to see all the wonderful, beautiful things he does for the world. Dr. Dean Telano brings us out of the darkness into divine light. He teaches us how to bring gratitude into every aspect of our lives, and how having gratitude will transform our perception and perspective. Dr. Dean Telano's  is patient, compassionate, full of wisdom and endless knowledge. He creates a safe, nurturing space for his students to learn and grow. He teaches us how to always be in action, and the way to navigate through our challenges in the present moment. After over 20 years of sexual abuse and trauma, I now live a life that is safe and surrounded by divine light. The trauma taught me to shut down, and Dr. Dean Telano taught me how to overcome that. No matter how traumatic my past was, meeting Sukh Shabad and becoming his student was the greatest blessing life has given me. Under Dr. Dean Telano's guidance our lives become more beautiful and truly feel like a gift. We learn how being alive is blessing, and that we have the choice in how we respond to what happens to us and what happens around us. Dr. Dean Telano teaches us how to be kind karma creators, and how this changes and raises the vibration of the whole world. 

- Lauren Merlino

Being an asthmatic, I needed help to lessen my intake of inhalers, help me breathe easier, stronger, clearer.  With Dr. Dean's offerings of Rahini Yoga®, Mind-Of-Clear-Light® Meditation, Gong and Resonance Sound Healing, Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki®, I began to feel like there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  Adding to all this, is Dr. Dean's Radiant Health Qigong classes and through Medical Qigong movements and healing sounds, Dr. Dean has helped me ease my asthma attacks, strengthen my lungs, calm myself and help me breathe easier!  I use my inhalers way less now, actually very seldom.  He is an amazing teacher, always making the classes inspiring and fun and ultimately placing us on the path of being healed!

- Heidi Johnsen

No need to run from teacher to teacher or studio to studio to grow your spiritual, energetic and/or physical practices.  Inspired Yoga and Healing Center is the real deal.  The programs offered range from meditation to reiki to yoga (all types) to medical qigong and sound healing.  The Rahini yoga way is compassionate, non-intimidating and  friendly. The affordability of the classes as well as the various levels offered round out an ever expanding selection of courses as mentioned above.  Dr. Dean tailors each course to its participants and no one ever leaves without growing a part of themselves.  Most students leave with a feeling that statements made during the courses were directed just to them.  It is truly an experience when you take any of the courses (reiki, meditation, yoga teacher trainings, qiqong and sound healing) with Dr. Dean.

- Linda Costello

Dr. Dean's "Gong & Sound Resonance Training" is one of the most incredible experiences ever imagined.  Learning how to play the gong, crystal bowls, rainsticks, and many other instruments was so much fun and extremely healing.  The Dr. Dean's method of teaching is more about "doing", "hands on", using demonstrations and really connecting to everyone's learning ability.  We learned how to heal ourselves as well as healing others  . . . through sound!  Dr. Dean's credentials truly shines, a definite master of his art, and he loves to share his knowledge and teachings.  Absolutely an inspiring and amazing experience!  Looking forward to the next training!

- Heidi Johnsen

I started practicing Rahini Yoga at Inspired Yoga and Healing Center almost two years ago. Naomi and Heidi were so warm, welcoming, and comforting whenever I came in for class. They reassured me that I do not have to be perfect and that I am practicing in a safe space. As I became more involved, I decided to enroll in the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Class with Dr. Dean Telano. Learning from Dr. Dean has been the privilege of a lifetime. Because of his teachings, I had received my 200-Hour RYT Certificate and am now enrolled in his 500-Hour Course. I love being his student and learning more about myself and the world around me. I have so much gratitude for Inspired Yoga and Healing Center, The Rahini School of Yoga, Dr. Dean Telano, and the entire staff.

- Lauren Garofalo

One of the things that distinguishes Inspired Yoga & Healing Center from the rest is the quality in the work they do. I’d been Schlepping to New York City's Open Center for 20 years, taking classes and workshops. My commute ended after my first class with Dr. Telano. His knowledge blew everyone else out of the water. I loved his class on crystals. He’s the real deal. Long islands best kept secret. And, I might add, his prices are reasonable too.

- Lisa Tauger

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting in on Dr. Telano’s meditation class. I had never meditated before where most of the other students had. To my surprise, it didn’t make a difference. Dr. Telano made it easy to follow along and to really understand the use and importance of meditating. I practice nearly everyday now. It’s changed my mood and my relationships. Can’t wait for beginners reiki class!
- Steffi Richards