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A Kind Karma® Global cOMmUNITY 

Inspired Yoga and Healing Center offers yoga classes and teacher training, kids yoga, seniors yoga, yin yoga, pilates and yoga stretch class, restorative yoga, yoga sculpt, Awaken with Meditation, Reiki & Integrated Energy Medicine, Awaken Qigong, Vibrational Sound Therapy and "Celestial Creations" Gift Shop. 

Our goal is to provide a relaxing, non-intimidating ambiance.

Our Mission: To Offer Holistic Health, Healing & Harmony.

Our Vision: A World of Peace, Positive Vibration & Kindness. 

Our Wish: Peace, Compassion, Light & Loving Kindness.

In Kind Karma®

Dean (Sukh Shabad), Naomi (Lakshmi) & Heidi (Ananda)

 Speciality Classes, Training Courses

& Holistic Health Events

Awaken Qigong Classes

"Awaken Qigong is a Method of Medical Qigong - Energetic Medicine, Mind-Body Wellness and Movement Meditation." - Dr. Dean Telano

Awaken With Meditation 

Techniques, benefits and how to meditate course. Learn about meditation or deepen your practice or knowledge.

CE's for RYT's.

Kind Karma

Reiki Circle of Light & Compassion

Saturday, November 2: 6-8pm

Recognize the Love, Light and Loving Kindness within each of us. Aura cleansing, Qigong,

sound healing, Reiki & more. 

Crystal Awaken Qigong

"Crystal Awaken Qigong" Classes, created by Dr. Dean Telano, utilizes particular healing crystals during simple qigong flow sequences.

"Rahini Yoga® Begins from the Inside Out. It Helps Grow the Yoga That's Already Inside Each of Us."  8-Month Yoga Training Intensive.  We have been certifying yoga  & meditation teachers since 2001!  Call for More Info.

Additional "Inspired Kid's Yoga" Classes for young children, ages 4-6 and 7-10. Be sure to go to our Kids Yoga Page for Registration, or for More Information.



"Experience the Wisdom of Balancing your Yang Peaceful Warrior Nature with your Yin Healer Nature." Click on image to learn more & to register.

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The Reiki Grand Master Training, levels 5-18, expand upon the original Reiki system and add new symbols, attunements, practices and energetic tools for healing others, and for personal healing and spiritual growth.

September 14th: 10am-8pm & September Sunday 15th: 10am-7pm

A Heart-to-Heart loving connection with animals. Reiki isn’t something you “do”, it’s about learning how to open your mind and heart in a loving, compassionate way. To register, click on image.

Click on image to Register. "Get Ready for the 4th healing Ray!"
Playing the Gong is about expanding your relationship with this COSMIC SONIC RESONATOR in a healing, liberating, creative,  Play-FULL & Joy-FULL way.
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Our Yoga Alliance Registered Schools are Associated with Rahini School of Yoga & Meditation - "Certifying Yoga & Meditation Teachers Since 2001"

Rahini Yoga
Rahini Yoga
Rahini Yoga
Rahini Yoga
Rahini Yoga

Kind Karma® A Global Movement of Creating Kindness

"Kindness Matters!"

Mission & Vision

Our worldwide initiatives, courses, seminars and Earth events are authentically infused with non-self-serving intentions. We are creating a global canvas and person-to-person landscape for holistic health and harmony; power of positive change and thinking; wisdom deeds; peace; compassion; and "kindness".

We believe, if we can encourage as many people as possible to live with kindness, we will see less violence, homelessness, hatred, inequality, bullying, war, and animal and environmental abuse, because we will generate a wave energy of positive karma and high vibrational living.

Kind Karma
Kind Karma

Catch a Glimpse of Us Creating Kind Karma

& Changing the Global cOMmUNITY 

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Kind Karma
Kind Karma

"​Kind Karma® A Global Movement of Creating Loving Kindness"

Rahini Yoga

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