Meet the Owners, Teachers and Staff

Owners of True Living Yoga Healing Center

Dean Telano (Sukh Shabad)

PhD, MS, E-RYT 500, RCYT, RPYT, YACEP, Founder of Rahini Yoga & Director of Rahini School of Yoga and Meditation, Spiritual Director

Dean, Co-Owner of True Living Yoga Healing Center, has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 25 years. His yoga training and study includes Hatha, Kundalini, Raja, Kundalini Maha and Tibetan Yoga. Additionally, he has many years of study and training in: Bon and Sakya Traditions of Tibetan Buddhism; Shinay, Mantra and Zen Meditation; Taoism; Reiki Healing; Medical and Spiritual Qigong; and Ayurveda. Dr. Dean has been a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance since 2001.

Dean is the founder of “Rahini Yoga®” and the Director of the Rahini School of Yoga and Meditation, Rahini Rocks! Kids Yoga Teacher Training Program, and the Prenatal Rahini Yoga Program. All of these Yoga Schools are Yoga Alliance Registered Schools (RYS), and meet or exceed national yoga standards and education requirements.

To promote, educate, teach, and train others about the importance of radiant health, natural wellness, body-mind-spirit harmony and healing, Dr. Dean has founded both the “Reiki Integrated Energy Healing Center” and “Qigong of Long Island”. Dean is also President and Founder of “Bon Buddhism of Long Island” – the first recognized Bon Buddhist Sangha on Long Island. Many Bon Buddhist Lamas and Teachers from India support this Sangha by coming to Bon Buddhism of Long Island / True Living Yoga Center and give teachings on Buddhism, meditation, healing and how to live joyful, happier, and peaceful lives.

Naomi Miller (Lakshmi)

LCSW, Psychotherapist, Director of Administration & Registration, Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master, Certified Kids Yoga Teacher

Naomi Miller, currently a co-owner of True Living Yoga, is responsible for the administrative and sales related planning, programming, membership and registration for True Living Yoga, The Rahini Yoga School and Bön Buddhism of Long Island. Naomi is the head coordinator for all events and Buddhist related workshops offered at True Living Yoga.

Naomi is a certified psychotherapist who has been practicing psychotherapy through private practice for over 10 years. She has been successful in guiding and helping people to overcome emotional barriers through various modalities – focusing on ones spiritual path of self awareness and discovery. As well, Naomi has worked in psychiatric settings finding ways for people to compliment psychotropic medications with holistic approaches to mental and emotional illness. Naomi is also a Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master.

Naomi is a passionate and avid supporter of PETA and animal rights. She contributes much energy towards living an AHIMSA lifestyle by being a vegetarian, practicing yoga, and educating others on methods of attaining balance and contentment.

You can contact Naomi for more information regarding our classes and events offered at True Living Yoga.

Heidi Johnsen (Ananda)

C-RYT 800, C-RYT 550, E-RYT 500, RMT, Co-Director of the Rahini School of Yoga & Meditation, Director of Asana Training; Advanced Senior Rahini Yoga Teacher, Certified Meditation Teacher, Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master, Certified KIds Yoga Teacher

Heidi is a certified Rahini Yoga® Teacher at the 800 Hour & 550 Hour Level (C-RYT 800, C-RYT 500 ), 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) since 2008, Co-Owner of True Living Yoga and Co-Head of Membership for Bön Buddhism of Long Island. She organizes and coordinates Dr. Telano’s monthly Meditation classes, helps organize workshops taught by Tibetan teachers and Buddhist healers from India as well as events and classes at True Living Yoga.

Heidi is an Advanced Senior Teacher for the Rahini Yoga School’s 500 and 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification Program. She has been practicing yoga for several years and teaches Rahini Yoga classes at True Living Yoga. She continues her studies in Bön Buddhism and is on the path to completing her 800 Hour Rahini Yoga Teacher Training Certification. 

As one of the owners of True Living Yoga, home of Bön Buddhism of Long Island and the Rahini Yoga School, Heidi is thankful for her partnership and bond with Dr. Dean Telano and Naomi Miller, treasuring this incredible journey to help those in need of a healthier mind, body and spirit… a more joyful life.

Teachers at True Living Yoga Healing Center

Meryl Zerwitz

Certified Pilates Teacher, Certified Yin Yoga Teacher, Certified Meditation Teacher (Level 2)

I began my interest in sports and physical excercise as a part time instructor in college, have always been a sports enthusiast. More recently I am certified in Pilates and completing my yoga sports certification. Have been teaching for 7 years.

Experienced with teens, men and women, seniors and those with injuries. Yoga style is a Vinyasa flow incorporating Pilates and core strength with emphasis on alignment and symmetry. Thanks, Meryl.

Eileen Long (Senior Rahini Yoga® Teacher

C-RYT 500, RYT 500, RMT, Senior Rahini Yoga Teacher, Certified Yin Yoga Teacher, Certified Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master

I had been practicing yoga for many years when I was introduced to True Living Yoga and became a yoga teacher because of the wonderful teaching and philosophy of Rahini Yoga. I am a proud graduate of the Rahini Yoga 200 hour teacher training and I am presently enrolled in the Rahini Yoga 500 hour teacher training course.  

Rahini or “true living”, entails brining lightness and joys to ones life. My goal as a yoga teacher is to give my students the opportunity to learn more about their body, mind, and spirit and to nurture and heal themselves through the beautiful experience of Rahini Yoga.

Jean Schieck (Senior Rahini Yoga® Teacher)

CRYT-500, 500-RYT, Senior Rahini Yoga Teacher, Certified Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, Bee Keeper

Jean began as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, working in hospitals and nursing homes for 30 years. She wanted to expand her knowledge in healing and initially enrolled in massage therapy, which ultimately lead her to yoga. Wanting to enroll in an authentic program, she sought out a yoga studio with a richly cultured background in order to connect with yoga on a deeper level. After finding True Living Yoga, she never went back.

Finding a warm and welcoming group of people here, led her to study further. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Dean Telano, she also studied Qi Gong, meditation, gong healing, crystal bowls and Reiki. There is still so much to be learned and Jean is excited about studying further. “I would like to be a positive influence in peoples lives, through the light of Rahini yoga.” Yoga is the key to bringing us into alignment and to better health, in body, speech and mind. This yoga studio is the perfect place to begin. It is a non competitive, nurturing environment to learn, grow and expand your practice. Jean is the mother of three grown children. Her other interests include Bee Keeping, bird watching, travel and hiking.

(Senior Rahini Yoga® Teacher)

CRYT-500, RYT 500, Senior Rahini Yoga Teacher, Certified Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master


Linda Costello-Roth (Advanced Senior Rahini Yoga® Teacher)

CRYT-500, RYT 500, Advanced Senior Rahini Yoga Teacher, Certified Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher


Rahini Yoga
1740 East Jericho Turnpike
Huntington, NY 11743

Tel: (631) 486-3843
Fax: (631) 486-3843

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