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Qigong Information

  • True Living Yoga Healing Center - 268 Larkfield Road, East Northport, New York, 11731
Cost: Series I: $240. Series I Consists of 6 Classes. 1 or 2 Extra Classes are Offered for Missed Classes. Additional Information is Listed on this Page.
Call Naomi or Heidi: (631) 486-3843; email: truelivingyoga@yahoo.com.

Qigong FAQ

What Should I Expect during the Qigong Class?

During our warm ups at the beginning of the class we are more informal and light-hearted. This simple approach combined with our Qigong breathing and gentle movement sequence helps us to relax, clear our minds, and focus as preparation to start the main lesson. During the main lesson please avoid talking loudly or excessively as you may distract students or miss what the instructor is teaching. Qigong requires a quiet and calm atmosphere, so please help to create a productive learning experience. Try to enter the class with an eagerness to learn, a good attitude, an open mind and a warm heart.

What Should I Wear to a Qigong Class or Workshop?

Ultimately you can do Qigong in any kind of clothing, but comfortable clothing is recommended for class. It’s helpful if you wear loose fitting clothing and leave jewelry at home. If you wear neck or wrist malas, remove them before class begins. T-shirts and sweatpants are fine. If you are wearing a belt, keep it loose during Qigong practice. Avoid restrictive, tight clothing because it makes it harder to move. For indoor footwear, we recommend you purchase cloth bottom Kung Fu shoes. It is not advisable to wear only socks because socks can be slippery. For any outdoor events, flat shoes are fine, such as tennis shoes. Avoid wearing high heeled shoes because they are hard on the back, makes balance difficult, and changes the way the whole body moves.

Is it Difficult to Learn? How Much Will I Have to Practice It?

It is not at all difficult to learn. You don’t need to be at a certain physical fitness level, or have any existing experiencing, nor do you require any special equipment or gym clothes. Qigong is often described as simple to learn, easy to practice, and difficult to master. A lot of people report that practicing one-half hour a day greatly improves energy, reduces stress, and improves their general overall quality of life; however, if you have a serious physical condition and you want to see significant improvement then you must be willing to practice one to two hours a day for two to three months. For most people though, a half an hour a day usually leads to significant changes in their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

How Many Different Kinds of Qigong are There?

There are tens of thousands different forms and movements of Qigong. According to some statistics, there are over 100,000 styles of Qigong in China today. Additionally, there are many different ways to put together Qigong movements to form a practice session. However, we recommend you learn Qigong from a well qualified and certified instructor with many years of teaching and practice experience.

Radiant Health Qigong is a Powerful Method to Help Achieve Radiant Health, Wellness and Happiness by Unlocking your Self-Healing Ability and by Nourishing your Body, Mind and Spirit. — Dr. Dean Telano

“Radiant Health Qigong”- Begins January 3rd, 2015. Contact Us to Pre-Register.


Qi character“Qi” (pronounced chee) means energy, breath, vitality or life-force. Qi is a subtle, very fine material that pervades the universe and affects all aspects of life. Qi is very much related with the yogic concept of prana, although is not exactly the same.

Gong character“Gong” (pronounced gung, as in lung) is often translated as cultivating or working, but definitions may include skill, mastery or achievement. Gong refers to the accomplishment or skill that is cultivated through steady practice and discipline. 

Together, Qigong (alternatively spelled ‘chi kung’) means the skill of cultivating energy. Qigong is an integration of physical postures or movements; breathing techniques; mental intentions; feelings and sensations; sound and vibration; and specialized hand mudras. In many ways, Qigong is the Taoist version of yoga with many movements being a precursor to some indian yogic asanas. 



Radiant Health Qigong is a simple, gentle, efficient and effective method for helping you experience Radiant health. Practicing this type of Qigong is an expression and reflection of being and feeling alive. — Dr. Dean Telano

Radiant Health Qigong Consists of the Following Five Forms:

I. Medical Qigong (“Healing Qigong”)

Medical Qigong is a branch of Chinese energetic and healing system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), along with acupuncture, medicinal herbs, and Tui Na (massage). Medical Qigong corrects bio-energetic imbalances and blockages that are believed in TCM to be the root causes of illness. In Radiant Health Qigong, practitioners of Medical Qigong practice particular Qigong forms and Daoist meditation to restore and strengthen their own life-force energy (qi), to remove energy blockages and to bring balance to their body, mind and spirit.

Medical Qigong is Divided into Two Basic Methods of Application:

    1. Internal Qigong or Self-Healing QigongInternal qigong is a major part of self-healing qigong. This form of qigong is practiced by oneself to achieve a specific purpose. A form of psycho-physiological self-regulation, internal qigong regulates the qi of the body for the purposes of harmonizing our internal energy systems for health enhancement and disease prevention. Currently, we are only practicing the internal qigong method of application and not the external. The internal qigong method includes the “Three Treasures Medical Qigong Form.”
    2. External Qigong or Qi (Energy) Emission: External qigong refers to the process by which qigong practitioners direct or emit their qi to others to purge and release toxic emotions from the body, eliminate energetic stagnations, and harmonize the internal organs, immune system, and energetic fields. The practitioner may touch areas on the other person’s body or simply pass his hands over the body. Generally, people who receive external qigong, simultaneously do their own internal practice. In the future, this method of application will only be taught to select students.

Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga will play an important part in the global awakening. — Eckhart Tolle, Author of a New Earth


  • CARDIOVASCULAR: Strengthens the heart; increases circulation; lowers resting heart rate; normalized EKG, blood pressure & cholesterol levels.
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM: Bolsters & normalizes the immune system, significant anti-cancer effect & better targeting of antigens.
  • LYMPHATIC SYSTEMPromotes lymph flow & drainage; increases the health of the lymphatic organs (such as the thymus gland or spleen); helps with lymphedema.  
  • RESPIRATORY: Increased lung capacity, slower respiratory rate, improves gaseous exchange, significant benefits for asthma & bronchitis.
  • CIRCULATORY: Improves microcirculation, prevents vascular spasms, very helpful for angina, migraine & Reynaud’s Syndrome (cold hands & feet).
  • DIGESTION & ELIMINATION: Improves digestion & massages the digestive organs; stimulates elimination & removes waste & toxins from the body.
  • BRAINImproves cerebral blood flow, less incidence of stroke; reduction in frequency & intensity of seizure disorders; slow, high amplitude brainwaves suggest relaxed & integrated state of consciousness.
  • MUSCULOSKELETAL: Increases joint mobility; improves posture, body alignment & balance; increases strength and flexibility; enhances reflexes; helps to prevent osteoporosis.
  • CHRONIC PAIN & INFLAMMATION: Significant reduction in pain & inflammation from all causes, including injury, surgery, arthritis, back or neck problems & fibromyalgia.
  • MENTAL & EMOTIONAL HEALTH: Decreases stress response, anxiety, depression & obsessive-compulsiveness; improves memory, mental sharpness & concentration; promotes relaxation; builds emotional resiliency. 
  • HEALING & RECOVERY: Speeds recovery time from injuries, surgery or long-term illness; eliminates energy blockages, prevent energy stagnation & clears the energy pathways.
  • ENERGY LEVELS: Increases energy levels; builds stamina & endurance.
  • HEALERS: Enhances the effects of healing work such as Reiki, therapeutic massage & craniosacral therapy.
  • WEIGHT LOSS: Increases the body’s metabolism; diminishes cravings for excess & unhealthy food- especially due to stress, tension or from imbalances in the body & mind; improves the rate of digestion; empowers you to control your health & weight.
  • LONGEVITY: Improves blood pressure, vital capacity, cholesterol & hormone levels, kidney function, mental acuity, vision and hearing, skin elasticity, bone density, immune function, digestion, balance, flexibility, strength, and libido; destroys free radicals (major cause of tissue degeneration) by stimulating activity of superoxide dismutase.
  • SPIRITUAL: Improves the body, mind & spirit connection; deepens the connection with nature; encourages spiritual growth, personal transformation & self-empowerment.


II. Tai Chi Ruler (“Qigong / Taoist Yoga”)

The Tai Chi Ruler is a powerful system of Taoist energy cultivation that was created sometime during the 10th century A.D. by the legendary Taoist Yogi, Chen Hsi-I (Chen Tuan). It consists of exercises or movements that are simple to perform, yet profound in its effect. Chinese physicians have long prescribed the Tai Chi Ruler as an aid to good health and rejuvenation. This rare form of Qigong is a true jewel of Chinese Taoist Alchemy. This form of Qigong is done while strategically holding a ruler between your hands and moving in specific patterns, and integrates mind, body, breath and awareness.

The movement patterns are specifically designed to enhance the flow of Qi and balance it throughout the body, imparting good health, lots of energy, and longevity. The most immediate benefits are: a positive effect on the metabolism; improved blood circulation and lymph flow; a calming effect on the central nervous system; increased mental clarity; a strengthened immune system; enhanced joint mobility; increased leg strength; and better posture and balance. Additionally, it helps to release chronic tension, stress, toxins and impart holistic rejuvenation.

Practicing Qigong with the ruler can be used for self-healing; holistic fitness; and internal energy support for anyone involved with the healing, movement arts, bodywork, yoga or martial arts. 

III. Spiritual Qigong (“Energy-Based Meditation”)

Spiritual Qigong is concerned with Qigong practice resulting in the “Qigong State”, a focused awareness of existing in the present moment. This practice uses meditation, sound, and mudra (hand positions), and stillness. As a spiritual discipline, Spiritual Qigong leads to self-awareness, tranquility, peace, and harmony with nature. The spiritual aspect of Qigong evolved from Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. The two forms practiced here are: 1) sitting meditation and 2) standing meditation.

IV. Guo Lin Walking Qigong (“Walking for Stress Reduction, Healing, Chronic Conditions & Cancer”)

Walking Qigong is best known in China as the ‘anti-cancer Qigong’. For the last thirty years or so it has been widely applied in the treatment of all sorts of malignant ailments with very favorable result. In China, Walking Qigong has not only been successfully used to treat malignant diseases, but it’s also proved to be very effective in the treatment of many chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, rheumatism, hepatitis, allergies, heart disease, as well as to significantly reduce negative effects caused by western medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and medication. At “Qigong of Long Island” Walking Qigong is combined with the other Qigong forms to enhance healing and recovery, and to help with nausea, poor appetite, vomiting, sleep problems, coughing, lack of energy, indigestion, pain, grief, depression, anxiety and stress. Guo Lin Walking Qigong is also a powerful form of Walking Meditation.

V. 6 Healing Sounds Qigong (“Healing Sounds Practice”)

With the healing sounds qigong practice, specific sounds correspond to certain organs, areas or energy points and channels of the body. These specific sounds are often combined with body movement, hand mudra or visualization with focused intent (not forced, hard or intense).

FOR ORGAN HEALTH. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the five major organs – heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney – are each assigned an element (fire, earth, metal, water or wood). Every organ also has an associated sound in which the organ resonates with. By using the associated sound, stale, congested qi can be expelled from the affected organ and be replaced with fresh, clear qi. Thus, prevents organ sickness or helps an already diseased organ to heal.

FOR OVERALL HEALTH. Using healing sounds help to heal the body or specific organs of the body; boost the immune system; move congested qi (energy); cleanse the body of physical toxins or disease causing qi (toxic energy); transform stuck emotional energy; and promote well being. 

If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong. — Dr. Mehmet Oz


Qigong Prices

ItemDescriptionToday's Price
Qigong Series II: 6 ClassesMedical Qigong$240.00/Series II
Qigong Session with Dr. DeanPrivate Qigong$150/Hour

Class Schedule

“Next Session of Classes” Schedule TBA

Summer Session of Classes = SUMMER CLASSES ARE FUll.

  • July:  Saturday  7/12, 7/19…………………..12:00-1:15 pm – COMPLETED
  • August:  Saturday  8/2, 8/9, 8/16……………12:00-1:15 pm – COMPLETED
  • September:  Saturday  9/6, 9/13, 9/20…….12:00-1:15 pm – COMPLETED

*Preregistration is Required

**Dates Subject to Change

  • — Qigong is not difficult to learn and you don’t need to have prior experience.
  • — Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early and turn off your cell phone prior to the practice.

Tai chi or Qi Gong is often described as ‘meditation in motion,’ but it might well be called ‘medication in motion.’ There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice … has value in treating or preventing many health problems. — Harvard Medical Health Publication, 05/09


Qigong Class InstructorDean Telano / Sukh Shabad, N.D., Ph.D., E-RYT 500, RCYT, RPYT

Dr. Dean Telano’s Qigong Training & Experience

  • Initiated into the Dragon Gate Taoist Lineage through Sifu Sat Chuen Hon — 21st Dragon Gate Lineage Holder of the Complete Reality Taoist School.
  • Currently Studying as a Master Medical Qigong Therapist at the Institute of Traditional Medicine (ITM), Toronto. Some Areas of Training Include: Medical Qigong; Immune Qigong; Alchemical Qigong; Taoist Meditation; Traditional Chinese Meridian System & the Taoist Meridian System that Includes 20 Additional Meridians & Numerous Additional Acupoints; 6 Healing Sounds; Healing Calligraphy; and the 108-Form Ta’i Chi Ch’uan.
  • Student of Sifu Sat Chuen Hon, Taoist Master of the Dragon Gate, Lineage.
  • Received Qigong Black Sash from Grandmaster Dr. Warner Chen, 2001.
  •  Certified as a Medical Qigong Educator (Sifu Sat Chuen Hon).
  • Certified in Qigong Healing (Grandmaster Dr. Warner Chen).
  • Certified in Chinese Medical Qigong: The Three Treasures Form (Master Tina Chunna Zhang).
  • Certified in Standing Healing & Relaxation Forms (Master Tianyou Hao).
  • Founder of Qigong of Long Island — A Long Island Based Qigong Studio that Emphasizes Self-Healing, Self-Empowerment & Harmony of the Body, Breath, Mind & Spirit.
  • Creator of Radiant Health Qigong — A Qigong Practice that Emphasizes Radiant Health, Healing & Harmony.


Click Here To Learn More About Dr. Dean Telano.


Contact Naomi or Heidi for more information, to pre-register or to schedule a private Qigong appointment with Dr. Dean Telano.

Qigong is a natural health care system of self-healing; it is natural medicine for the body, mind, heart, and spirit. — Dr. Dean Telano 



Qigong is not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment for any medical or psychological condition. It is not intended as a replacement or substitute for medical treatment from a health care provider for any medical or psychological condition, nor should it be used as such. For such issues, you should seek the proper treatment from a licensed physician or healthcare professional. Be sure to consult your physician before starting this or any other exercise program.


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