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“Buddha nature means that the true nature of our mind is pure, right from the beginning, and has been since beginningless time …. it’s like a seed that we have inside each of us that, if cultivated and allowed to grow, will ripen into Compassion, Wisdom and Enlightenment.” — Dr. Dean Telano, President of Bon Buddhism Of Long Island

Our Mission Statement

  1. To uphold the Bön Buddhist tradition and in no way violate the teachings and practices by dilution and misrepresentation.
  2. The creation of the Sangha and its role, no different than any other family role, is to instill and ensure the proper cultural values and ethics. Therefore, this Sangha brings together those spiritual individuals who have a sincere, shared interest in learning, practicing and preserving the teachings and wisdom of Bön Buddhism.
  3. This specific Sangha is especially dedicated to the efforts of Kundröl Namka Thinley Wangyal Rinpoche, Geshe Nyima Kunchap Rinpoche and Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche. It is with their warmest wishes and earnest permission that this Sangha has the fortunate opportunity to bring Bön Buddhism to Long Island.
  4. To help cultivate and propagate loving-kindness (Metta), peace (Shanti), compassion (Karuna) and a higher spiritual way of living throughout this Sangha and our local and global communities. We, as Sangha members, are truth seekers of our own spiritual being in order to become whole, connected and reunited with all other kindred spirits.


Tashi Delek and Welcome!

We, at True Living Yoga Healing Center, have established the first Bön Buddhist Center and Bön Sangha of Long Island, New York. Founded in the year 2008 by Dr. Dean Telano (Sukh Shabad Singh), our Bön Sangha is recognized worldwide and has received special blessings from His Holiness Lungtok Tenpa’i Nyima, the 33rd Menri Trizen – the worldwide spiritual leader of the Bön tradition.

Guided by Dr. Dean Telano, our Sangha (Spiritual Community) is very connected and unique. The cornerstone of our Sangha or Spiritual Community is: SEVA or the “Spiritual Practice of Selfless Service”.

Moreover, our Sangha recognizes “The Six Perfections” or “Paramitas” – Virtues cultivated to strengthen our practice and Sangha:

  1. Dāna Paramita: Cultivating an Attitude of Generosity.
  2. Śīla Paramita: Practicing Good Conduct or Refraining from Harm.
  3. Kṣānti Paramita: Learning to be Patient or Tolerant.
  4. VīryaParamita: Finding Joy in What is Virtuous, Positive or Wholesome.
  5. Dhyāna Paramita: Developing Concentrative Meditation & Reducing Distractions.
  6. Prajñā Paramita: Striving to Develop Wisdom

Our spiritual doors are open to those individuals who have a sincere and shared interest in learning, practicing and preserving the teachings and wisdom of Bön Buddhism.

Our Bön Buddhist Center hosts guest teachers, yogis, and healers from India and Nepal so they can share sacred teachings from Tibet’s oldest spiritual tradition, Bön. Although Bön dates back as far as 18,000 years, its teachings are ageless and can be applied to our modern day world. These extraordinary guest teachers show us how we can apply these simple teachings to our personal lives so we can find lasting peace, joy and happiness. When we as human beings cultivate these beautiful qualities into our every day life we spontaneously nourish our spirit and soul. Each nourished soul helps to create a worldwide garden of spiritual beings.

Here, at the Bön Buddhist Center, we provide simple methods and gentle encouragement to help achieve spiritual growth, personal self-discovery, and inner transformation. Our hope is that this Bön Buddhist Center contributes to the creation of a world of human and spiritual beings that live and work together in harmony, peace, and loving kindness.

Help Children in Need and Make Differences in Their Lives with Your Gentle Loving Heart. — Geshe Nyima Kunkyap Rinpoche  

“True Living Yoga Healing Center” Supports – through Donations (Dāna), the Following Charitable Children’s Projects:

— “Bon Children’s Home” (BCH), Dolanji, India. 

  • Website: http://bchdolanji.org/support.php
    • The purpose of the Bon Children’s Home is to offer children the best possible education in their own language and culture in a safe and caring environment. As a minority in Tibet, Bonpo suffered centuries of persecution and prejudice. Many settled in remote areas not just in Tibet but in Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, ladakh as well where there were few if any educational opportunities. BCH recognizes that preservation of the practices and traditions of the Bon religion requires that Bonpo Children obtain an education within their own culture. At the same time, BCH recognizes that in order for its children to navigate an increasingly global and fast changing world, they must obtain skills contemporary society demands a command of English and science, math and economics, history and technology.


— “Dolpo Bon School”, Dolpo, Nepal.

  • Website: http://www.zhangzhungbon.org/school.html
    • You can kindly sponsor children’s food, School material (book, notebook, pencil etc.)Teacher and staff salary, School and out-dress uniform, project or sponsoring particular children of Dolpo Bon School. You can also make general donation to the School. Your kind contribution would be solely for the purpose for which you donated. Sponsorship of a child covers year-round care and education of an individual child. Your philanthropic and virtuous donation will give new future to poor, orphaned or semi-orphaned children of Dolpo and enrich Bonpo heritage. Sponsorship will receive regular report of school, children and the purpose you have kindly sponsored donated for.


Contact Us for more information or Call Naomi or Heidi 631 483-3843

~ May Peace Prevail on the Earth ~

Dean Telano / Sukh Shabad Singh, ND, PhD, ERYT 500, YACEP, RCYT, RPYT – President of Bön Buddhism of Long island


Rahini Yoga
1740 East Jericho Turnpike
Huntington, NY 11743

Tel: (631) 486-3843
Fax: (631) 486-3843
Email: truelivingyoga@yahoo.com

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