A Yoga & Healing Center for Natural Wellness. We Truly Make a Difference!

We- Dean, Naomi, Heidi & Our Staff, Share One Vision: “One World and One Heart of Peace, Love & Light”
We Welcome You to Share this Vision of One Heart & Be Part of Something Unique & Special at True Living Yoga.
May Peace, Joy & Compassion Prevail on Earth…

~ True Living Yoga’s Quote of the Month ~ “The real Yoga is what you can’t see.”
~ True Living Yoga’s Positive Affirmation of the Week ~ “WAH. As compassion and wisdom unite my being, I live freely and joyfully.”

“GIVE THE GIFT OF MEDITATION FOR FATHER’S DAY” - Mind-Body Healing Meditation Class with Dr. Dean: Friday, June, 19th – 7:00-8:30pm. 

CLASS FOCUS“THE YANG ENERGY OF SUMMER SOLSTICE”. Summer Solstice is the time when an abundance of light – “yang”, showers the Earth and when all of nature’s “chi” (energy) is in full flourish and bloom. It’s the time when we are able to feel the full “yang” influence of the sun, a beautiful bursting forth of male energy to be received by the female “yin” energy of the earth in order to produce the fertility of crops, flowers, trees, and animals; all of the abundance from the cosmos that we depend upon for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nourishment. This is time of the year for “inspired action” and to come into our strengths so we can accomplish our goals we put forth. It’s also a time of year when there is more light than any other season, making it an excellent time to expel darkness and expand our INNER LIGHT and OUTER RADIANCE. Come, and join Dr. Dean to celebrate and discover your personal power through the cosmic dance of summer’s “yang” energy and light. Prerequisites for the class: JOY, LAUGHTER and ENTHUSIASM! Register here

Upcoming Special Events & Classes

“Discover Happiness, Joy and Peace through Buddhist Meditation: A Simple Spiritual Approach” - Class includes breathwork, meditation and positive thought, discussion & self-reflection. Everyone welcome. No prior experience necessary. Contact Us for details.

Reiki Master Certification: Contact Us for Details. Course Instructors: Reiki Master Dean Telano, ND, PhD, E-RYT 500, RCYT, RPYT & Reiki Master Heidi Johnsen, CRYT 550, E-RYT 500, RMT.

News & Updates

“An Incredibly Popular Yoga Class”..WARM Vinyasa Rahini Yoga with Heidi, E-RYT 500 & Rahini Yoga 750 Hour Teacher. Be prepared to have fun, burn calories & sweat! Bring a towel. Thursday Night, 7:00-8:15pm. Click on Class Schedule for more info. Appropriate for ALL levels.

Only at True Living Yoga Healing Center! Guest Buddhist Teachers, Healers and Lamas from India will Once Again Visit Us in 2015. Authentic Spiritual Teachings, Meditation, and Healing. Bon Buddhism of Long Island

Our Yoga Classes – There’s Something for Everyone!

We offer Rahini, Beginners, Warm, Power, Core, Restorative, Vinyasa, Seniors, Gentle, Pilates and more! Yoga for beginner, intermediate & advanced students. Classes are taught by teachers at the 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Level or Our 750 Hour Level. Check our class schedule or contact us.

Yoga Teacher Training on Long Island

Our “Yoga Alliance Schools” have been certifying teachers for more than “15 YEARS!” We offer “6″ Programs: 200, 500, 750 & 1,000 Hour Rahini Yoga Teacher Training, Prenatal Yoga & Kids Yoga Training. Visit Rahini School of Yoga and Meditation at: www.rahiniyoga.com.

Guest Buddhist Teachers & Healers from India

We are very fortunate that Dr. Dean Telano has received permission and blessings to open the 1st Bon Buddhism of Long Island Center at True Living Yoga. Teachers and Healers from India come to teach yoga, meditation, and how to live a more joyful, healthier and peaceful life. All are welcome!

Meditation Classes on Long Island & Labyrinth Walks

Every 3rd Sunday of the month, Dr. Dean (Sukh Shabad Singh) teaches a unique Mind-Body Healing Meditation Class. Dr Dean is one of the few teachers trained to teach these different types of “healing” techniques. We also offer Meditation Training with Certification, Labryinth Walks – A Spiritual Journey, and Meditation Retreats.

Reiki Certification Courses & Energy Healing Sessions

Reiki is gentle, safe and has its roots in traditional Japanese energy healing. Reiki promotes relaxation, reduces stress and helps to restore balance of body, mind and spirit. Contact Heidi to schedule a healing session with one of our Reiki Masters. Become certified in Reiki! Our Course includes Crystal Chakra Healing & Reiki Crystal Grids.

Spiritual Healing & Coaching with Dr Dean

Do you have physical health concerns or emotional obstacles? Need guidance and help with major life decisions? Are you seeking a more fulfilled life with happiness, peace of mind, and spiritual purpose? Dr Dean is a spiritual & meditation coach and psychic medium. To learn more about Dr Dean, click hereContact us to make an appointment.

Psychotherapy Sessions

Are emotional barriers affecting your quality of life? Looking for a change or insight  into your thoughts, feelings or behavior? Naomi Miller, a licensed psychotherapist (LCSW), has been practicing for 10 years. Guided by her spiritual insight and compassion, Naomi has helped many people through difficult times. Contact us for an appointment.

Health & Wellness Events

Our special events are dedicated to helping people live a healthier and more joyful way of life, and educating those who are interested in health, wellness and healing. These special events include teachers and healers from India, and various wellness and health professionals, such as chiropractors. Contact us or check our events calendar for details.

Girl Scouts/Birthday Parties

Earn a “Yoga” Patch! Fun 45 minute class includes yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation. Each girl will be introduced to the wonderful world of yoga. We offer unique “Birthday Parties” for children and adults! Here’s a different way to share your birthday with friends and family. We offer different packages and themes! Contact us for details.


Dr. Dean Telano

Dr. Dean/Sukh Shabad Singh, ND, PhD, ERYT-500, RCYT, RPYT is co-owner of True Living Yoga, Founder of Rahini Yoga, and President of Bön Buddhism of Long Island. Dr. Dean is the Director of the: 200, 500, 750 & 1,000 Hour Rahini Yoga Teacher Training Programs. Dr. Dean also Teaches the Meditation Courses & Classes, Reiki Healing Courses, Qigong Classes & Labyrinth Walks.

What’s Rahini Yoga?

“RAHINI YOGA IS INSPIRED YOGA INSPIRING POSITIVE CHANGE” because it promotes spiritual growth, self-transformation, self-healing, personal empowerment, and radiant health. Rahini Yoga is a dynamic fusion of Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Healing Yoga Movements that naturally “awaken the yoga within.” Rahini Yoga also consists of unique vinyasas called “Rahini Flows.”

Prayer Requests

This Prayer Group is open to all and welcomes anyone in need of Prayer or Healing. We are dedicated to those who need compassion and healing through the sincere and loving efforts of Prayer Request. Prayer Requests are born from the depths of our heart and strengthened by the power of positive intentions. Through Prayer Request we can transform, pain and suffering into healing and peace.

Our Teachers

We maintain high yoga teaching standards. Our teachers are either currently enrolled or graduates from the 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Level or enrolled in the 750 Hour Training – exceeding Yoga Alliance Standards. Our teachers also have an additional 100 hours of meditation training. Additionally, some of our teachers hold certifications in Pilates, Zumba, Personal Training, Reiki or Qigong.


Rahini Yoga
268 Larkfield Road
East Northport, NY 11731

Tel: (631) 486-3843
Fax: (631) 486-3843
Email: truelivingyoga@yahoo.com

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